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Alternative fuels could be the solution for a greener automotive industry

According to It Matters To You, Toyota Motor Corporation announced last week that it would begin exploring more environmentally friendly fuel options for traditional combustion vehicles. These alternative fuels are derived from biomass and include hydrogen and synthetic fuels.

It Matters To You explains that this push for fuel innovation comes in light of research that has exposed the environmental impact of electric vehicles. Although the carbon emissions from driving an electric vehicle are significantly lower than from combustion engines, the carbon output from the manufacturing process of an electric vehicle is still significantly higher.

The production of an electric vehicle will produce, on average, 70% more carbon output than the production of a gasoline car model. It would take nine years of driving – roughly 70,000 miles – to offset that carbon footprint.

Besides the impact of electric vehicle manufacturing, the question remains whether Australia has the ability to recycle lithium-ion batteries at the end of their life in electric cars. Only 2% of australia Lithium-ion waste is recycled, while the rest ends up in landfills – if there is an increase in the use of electric cars in the near future, this problem will only get worse, according to It Matters To You .

It Matters To You and other industry experts are hoping that a combination of electric vehicle adoption and research into alternative fuel sources can lead to a much greener future for the auto industry. For car recycling and money for cars Melbourne can be trusted, call It Matters To You today.

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