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Amazon and Stellantis Collaborate to Transform the Automotive Industry

Amazon and Stellantis are collaborating to transform the automotive industry, helping to accelerate Stellantis’ software transformation and realize its long-term software-driven vision.

Amazon and Stellantis, a leading global automaker and mobility provider, announced a series of multi-year global agreements that will transform the in-car experience for millions of Stellantis customers and advance the mobility industry’s transition to a software-defined sustainable future. .

Stellantis will accelerate its transition to become a sustainable mobility technology company through this relationship, which involves Amazon Devices, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Last Mile.

Stellantis and Amazon will collaborate to deploy Amazon’s technology and software expertise across the Stellantis organization, including vehicle development, building connected in-vehicle experiences, and training the next generation of software engineers. automotive software.

Together, the two companies will create a suite of software products and services that will seamlessly integrate into customers’ digital lives and add value over time through regular over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

Andy Jassy, ​​CEO of Amazon, said: “Over the past two decades, Amazon has built the technology, expertise and culture of innovation to become a global leader in cloud computing, AI and machine learning.

“We’ve used these capabilities to improve the lives of customers around the world through products and services like Alexa, Kindle, and Fire TV, and together with AWS, we’ve helped thousands of businesses transform and transform their industries. We are excited to partner with Stellantis to transform the automotive industry and reinvent the in-vehicle experience. »

“We are inventing solutions that will allow Stellantis to accelerate connected and personalized in-vehicle experiences, so that every moving moment is smart, safe and relevant to every occupant. Together, we will create the foundation for Stellantis to grow from a traditional automotive manufacturer to a global leader in software-driven development and engineering.

Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, said, “Working with Amazon is an integral part of our capability building roadmap, based on both internal skill development and critical collaborations with technology leaders, and it will bring significant expertise to one of our key technology platforms. , STLA Smart Cockpit.

“By leveraging AI and cloud solutions, we will transform our vehicles into personalized living spaces and improve the overall customer experience, making our vehicles the most sought-after and captivating place to be, even when they are don’t drive.”

Collaboration Combines Amazon’s Leadership and Innovation in Digital Experiences, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Automotive Engineering Excellence from Stellantis and its Portfolio of 14 Vehicle Brands iconic. Stellantis presented its software strategy during its Software Day program in December 2021.

The collaboration will cover several areas.

STLA SmartCockpit

Amazon and Stellantis will collaborate to provide software for STLA SmartCockpit, which will work in millions of Stellantis vehicles worldwide from 2024. The software-defined platform will seamlessly integrate with customers’ digital lives to create Personalized and intuitive in-car experiences powered by AI. enhanced apps for entertainment, Alexa-enabled voice assistance, navigation, vehicle maintenance, e-commerce marketplaces and payment services.

The STLA SmartCockpit platform will use Amazon’s purpose-built vehicle-specific products and solutions, and Stellantis will have the flexibility to create custom, brand- and vehicle-specific capabilities.

The software will offer curated services and experiences through an app store – displayed through a smart, adaptive user interface design that presents timely and relevant information and features tailored to each occupant’s individual needs and preferences. .

STLA SmartCockpit will adapt to customers’ behaviors and interests wherever their passions take them – from the start of a journey at home, on the road or off. For example, Chrysler Pacifica vehicles could offer a family trip planner that recommends media content, points of interest, restaurants and other fun stops along the route. Jeep vehicles could be equipped with a digital off-road “coach” to help customers calibrate the vehicle and optimize performance before tackling difficult terrain.

Integration with Amazon’s leading smart home and security services will allow customers to proactively monitor and manage their home while on the go. Stellantis customers will also be able to manage their vehicles from their Alexa-enabled devices at home or their Alexa smartphone app, including using personalized Alexa skills to adjust the cabin temperature before entering their vehicle. , schedule a service or order accessories.

Development work on STLA SmartCockpit will leverage Mobile Drive, the joint venture formed by Stellantis and Foxconn in 2021, to develop breakthrough digital cockpits and personalized connected services.

Collaborative engineering and innovation

As part of this multi-year commitment, Stellantis has selected AWS as the preferred cloud provider for vehicle platforms. Together, Stellantis and Amazon plan to build the next generation of cloud-based infrastructure for vehicle platforms, including for STLA SmartCockpit.

Stellantis plans to migrate its current vehicle data pipeline across its brands and geographies to a cloud-based data mesh, using the advanced capabilities of AWS for scalable and sustainable real-time data streaming.

By moving to an AWS-powered data mesh, Stellantis engineers can use the tools and interface that best suits each project. Stellantis also aims to accelerate new digital products to market that leverage AWS Machine Learning to deliver greater customization and more accurate predictive maintenance.

The two companies create a cloud-based product development environment called “Virtual Engineering Workbench”, which provides automated workflows to manage software development and testing, high-performance simulations, learning model training automatic and data collection and analysis.

Innovation hubs and Agile-Auto Software and Data Academy

Stellantis also announced the launch of a Software Academy for the development and retraining of existing and new employees. As part of this, Stellantis and AWS also plan to launch a new global learning program, called Agile-Auto Software and Data Academy, which will cover software, data and cloud technology.

Stellantis will also train more than 5,000 developers and engineers by 2024 in AWS-related cloud technologies to accelerate its transformation into a data-driven enterprise in the cloud.

To further accelerate development activities and reduce time to market for new features, Stellantis and AWS will launch a global network of AWS-powered Innovation Hubs where experts from both companies will innovate using the breadth of and depth of AWS cloud services.

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