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Government launches international event campaign to defend UK car industry

The UK government has launched a global showcase on the strength of the UK automotive sector and its ability to lead the world in the development of low carbon vehicle technologies. A delegation of some of the automotive rising stars will take part in a program of international events aimed at creating new opportunities in the global market.

Under the banner of the UK Pavilion and brought together by the Advanced Propulsion Centre, a consortium of automotive pioneers will take part in a series of trade events spanning six countries, demonstrating why Britain is such an attractive proposition for overseas investment. in cutting-edge automotive innovation. .

By highlighting some of the key success stories emerging from the UK’s burgeoning clean car scene, the campaign will show the attractiveness of the sector and the opportunities for collaboration that are on offer. Visitors to the UK pavilion will also learn how they can benefit from the UK’s status as a world-renowned center for automotive innovation and research.

The RBW roadster in a “retro” version. RBW is a perfect example of innovation in the UK automotive industry, manufacturing classic leisure cars powered by the latest battery and drivetrain technology. Image credit: F Stop Press Ltd.

The “Britain is Great” international events program will officially begin with the JSAE (Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan) annual congress in Yokohama, Japan. Held from May 25 to 27 as a hybrid event, JSAE is Japan’s largest auto show. Bringing together representatives from the global automotive technology and investment community, JSAE will showcase the latest technologies and innovations that are shaping a new low-carbon phase in automotive.

Philippa Oldham, Director of Stakeholder Engagement at the Advanced Propulsion Centerwho manages the program on behalf of the UK government, said: “Our program of international events gives us a unique platform to show exactly why Britain is a prime investment location and a world leader in technology. automobile.

“As one of the cornerstones of the UK economy, it is essential that the sector continues to build its capacity in clean technologies while proactively exploring new opportunities to strengthen commercial links around the world. . Events like JSAE allow UK businesses to connect with like-minded organisations, helping to accelerate the advancement of clean technologies, which will benefit the whole industry. Working to ensure the UK remains at the forefront of motoring will dramatically improve its future prospects, creating jobs as part of a high value, low carbon green economy.

“The aim of the UK pavilion is to showcase the investment opportunities in the UK automotive sector by providing a platform for some of our most innovative businesses.”

The list of UK Pavilion exhibitors at JSAE will include the following companies:

  • Constellium – a provider of advanced aluminum solutions for automotive components, helping global manufacturers produce lighter, safer and more fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Continental Engineering Services – an independent operating provider of comprehensive engineering services for powertrain development and integration services for hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Drive system design – an award-winning engineering consultancy dedicated to innovation in powertrains and related technologies
  • Flettner fan – a developer of environmentally friendly ventilation solutions for vehicles used in the distribution of food and livestock
  • Humanize autonomy – a solution provider dedicated to making vehicles safer using artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • smart energy – an automotive-focused fuel cell engineering company
  • Pickering Interfaces – a specialist in system and sensor simulation for automotive test applications
  • Saietta – an expert in propulsion motors for a wide range of electric vehicles, helping to bring axial flux motor technology to the mass market
  • SDB interface – an automotive technology consulting firm dedicated to research and strategic support to inform the decision-making of car manufacturers and their partners
  • total simulator – a company that offers vehicle testing facilities to aid in the development of new automotive technologies
  • What3words – an innovative technology company that has created a new global location referencing system that will support voice-activated navigation
  • Willams Advanced Engineering – A leader in battery management systems to provide analytics for extended life, maximized performance and increased reliability.

Due to take place between May and October 2022, the program will cover six countries through the following events:

  • EVS35, Norway
  • Battery Show Europe, Germany
  • Battery Cells & Systems Exhibition, UK
  • The Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Show (LCV), UK
  • Battery Show America, USA
  • Motor Show, India
  • DIFA, Korea

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