Automotive sector

High tech meets cars as Israeli startups enter auto sector

Startups present their high-tech mobility projects and innovate in vehicles

Although Israel’s past ventures in the automotive industry were ultimately not viable, the country is now making its mark on the sector with mobility software.

At the EcoMotion Week 2022 exhibition in Tel Aviv, hundreds of startups showcase their high-tech mobility projects to bring innovation to vehicles around the world.

“Israel was never considered an automotive giant of any kind until [the] automotive [sector] was a manufacturing issue,” said EcoMotion CEO Eviatar Tron. i24NEWS.

However, as the vehicles became more and more developed, he explained how Israel’s high-tech sector enabled the country to establish a presence on the ground.

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“Once cars started to be seen as computers on wheels…Israel became a giant in [the] automotive [industry]“, Tron added.

Anachoic, one of the companies participating in the exhibition, aims to make the roads safer for bicycles, scooters and motorcycles through its micro-radar warning systems.

The cameras, which provide drivers with audible warnings of collision threats, are about the size of a coin and can fit anywhere on a two-wheeled vehicle.

“It allows us to fit it in just about anywhere we want, it has a huge field of view, it’s small, it can go anywhere you need it [it] on vehicles,” an Anachoic representative said at the show. i24NEWS.