Automotive sector

Highest salary increase in 2022 in the automotive sector

Highest salary increase in 2022 in the automotive sector

The January results of the “Intermediate Salary Increase Trend Survey” conducted by Mercer Turkey, a global leader in human resources and management consulting, have been announced. According to the research results; The average wage growth rate for 2022 has increased to 41.2%. The sector where the largest salary increase will occur is the automotive sector.

Mercer, which provides solutions and guidance for businesses to manage the health, wealth and career needs of their changing workforce, announced the January results of the interim survey on wage increase trends, which it led after the official 2021 inflation figures. According to the results of the research in which a total of 399 companies participated, including 200 foreign and 599 domestic; After the official annual inflation figures for 2021, expectations for corporate wage increases for 2022 have reached an average of 41.2%. While this rate is 42.1% in companies with foreign capital, it is 39.9% in national companies. Automotive, mining and metals, chemical, logistics, technology, retail and production sectors with the highest wage increases will attract attention with wage increases above average, while the greatest wage increase will occur in the core automotive and supplier industry sectors. In addition to this information, regardless of the sector, companies are trying to minimize the loss of talent in digital professions by positioning the salary increase rate for employees in technology departments 20 to 25 points above the general of the company.

Wage increase periods delayed in January

He says companies participating in the survey will raise their wages once a year by 73.3%. 66% of companies that increase their salaries once a year say they will increase this increase in January. 15% of companies say they will increase their salaries in April and 9% in March. According to the survey results; Compared to previous years, it can be seen that the number of companies that tend to increase salaries twice a year has increased. The rate of companies indicating that they will increase their salaries twice a year has reached 2%. 2% of these companies indicate that they will increase their wages in January and April, 20.4% in January and July and 37% in January and March.

The rate of increase in 2021 is 21.7 percent

In 2021, foreign-funded enterprises increased their wages by 19.9%, and domestic-funded enterprises increased by 25.3%. The rate of increase in total wages was 21.7 percent. While blue-collar workers received a 22.8% wage increase, there was a 20.9% increase in skilled positions. While it was 20.3% in management positions, there was a 20.3% increase in management positions. Mining and metals, automotive, energy, technology, manufacturing and services were the sectors with the highest rates. 33.2% of companies increased their additional salaries for 2021. While 12.2% of companies made a one-time payment, 51.6% of companies did not increase their additional salaries. Companies increased their additional fees by 10.8%, while companies that made a one-time payment made a payment of 12.8% on the annual base salary.

Şadiye Azışık Kılcıgil: “High inflation and the rise in the minimum wage have raised expectations for wage growth”

Noting that companies have shown great interest in salary increase research in the recent period, Mercer Turkey’s National Careers Department Manager, Şadiye Azışık Kılcıgil, said: “We can say that this interest of the market shows the growing need for data in the face of uncertainties in many aspects. Fluctuations in exchange rates, the rise in the minimum wage and high inflation, which we have seen more this year, as well as the economic uncertainties that began in Turkey in 2018 and especially after the pandemic, have also increased expectations for wage increase on the employee side. In order to protect their employees from high inflation and minimize the risk of the “big quit wave” for their organizations, the wage rate that companies expect to pay their employees, which was 2021% in December 32.2, rose to 2022 percent in the January 41.2 survey. In addition to these developments, companies are seen to have increased their total salary increases to 75-80%, especially in technology roles, to minimize the loss of talent, especially in digital roles, or have implemented indexed salary increase policies. with exchange rates.