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Karsten Heuser on Opportunities in the Automotive Industry and the 2022 ICM Summit

Additive manufacturing has already proven its importance more than once for a trend-setting future. In various fields, 3D printing finds favor and meets an ever-increasing scope of applications. This is also particularly true of the use of additive manufacturing for the future of automotive manufacturing. Innovative, digital and green are the buzzwords for which technology is associated with exceptional business models. The possibilities and benefits seem almost limitless, but to better understand them, we sat down with Karsten Heuse, Vice President of Additive Manufacturing at Siemens, for an interview. He will be a speaker at this year’s Innovative Car Manufacturing (ICM) summit in Munich. Here, everything revolves around cutting-edge technologies: from 3D printing to automation and robotics, including IoT and artificial intelligence. What challenges will the automotive industry soon have to face and what solutions can additive manufacturing in particular provide?

3DN: Can you introduce yourself and your connection to the FA?

Karsten Heuser, Vice President of Additive Manufacturing at Siemens (photo credits: Karsten Heuser)

I’ve been with Siemens for over 20 years in various leadership roles, always focusing on scaling start-ups within a larger enterprise. I started getting involved in additive manufacturing in 2012 when I was responsible for PLM excellence and innovation in a huge cost reduction program at Siemens Energy. For more than 5 years, I have been responsible for leading the additive manufacturing activities at Siemens Digital Industries as well as managing the company Core Technology Additive Manufacturing and Materials. Additionally, I am passionate about building the AM community as a member of the Additive Manufacturing Advisory Board of VDMA AG as well as a member of the Formnext Advisory Board. I have a background in solid state physics as well as a postgraduate degree in advanced management. Our mission is to enable the ecosystem to create, manufacture and use additive applications at scale.

3DN: What specific contribution will you bring to the ICM summit with your knowledge?How do you see the future of automotive manufacturing in relation to additive manufacturing?

I will present examples of major application areas reaping added value through the use of industrial 3D printing. Additionally, I will share approaches on how to scale additive manufacturing through ecosystem alliances across the value chain, including IT and OT automation as well as the development of a digital factory toolkit. During the conference, I will share our own experiences of using additive manufacturing as a large company in different areas such as mobility, industrial production or health. More than 230 industrial 3D printers across nearly 50 locations are currently in use across the broader Siemens brand ecosystem to reduce costs and greenhouse gases and improve lead times, time to market as well as than performance.

3DN: How do you see the future of automotive manufacturing in relation to additive manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing will likely become a normal and mainstream production technology for the automotive manufacturing industry with improved performance components with better flow, lower carbon footprint or less weight. In addition, Additive Manufacturing plays a crucial role for on-demand spare parts as well as a lever for increased productivity through manufacturing aids. The classic automotive production industry must prepare today to adopt and learn these new capabilities and train the workforce to fully leverage the power of AM for its future.

3DN: Why do you think it is beneficial to attend the ICM 2022 summit?

It is about exchanging, sharing learnings and connecting in order to accelerate the process of transformation of additive manufacturing. Why not leverage the knowledge of others in open innovation ecosystems? Therefore, you need to engage and exchange between the different automotive manufacturing disciplines and here the ICM summit offers this type of exchange.

ICM provides the opportunity to network with others in the industry (photo credits: ICM)

3DN: A last word for our readers?

Better to start your additive manufacturing journey today than to be too late. AM is Industry 4.0, ready to scale now. Don’t reinvent the wheel or rely on the knowledge of others. More information about the summit can be found HERE.

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