Automotive technology

“Look, No Hands:” Sinclair College Curriculum Showcases Latest Automotive Technology

Next summer, Sinclair’s program will expand to train instructors in the use of popular electric car models such as the Chevrolet Volt and the Tesla Model 3 to help them learn about new technology.

“Between automation and electrification, this will be the wave of the future for the auto industry,” Morgan said. “There is currently a skills gap between current technicians and graduate technicians that we need to make sure to fill for the automotive industry in Ohio. “

It is important that all new technicians and instructors receive as up-to-date training as possible regarding automotive technology, as this will help them continue to do their jobs safely and efficiently, Morgan continued.

Kent Meckfessel is an assistant professor at Southern Illinois University who attended the conference this week. For him, the most valuable aspect of the program was the hands-on experience it offered, and he plans to develop a new class in Southern Illinois covering some of the new technologies.

“Being able to drive it, get your hands on it, see the equipment, use it so that we can fix problems that arise with the cameras and calibrate them in the service tracks, that technicians and students real are going to do in the future, ”he said.

The technology implemented in autonomous vehicles will only spread to the auto industry, Meckfessel said.

“There is going to be more of this to come every day,” he said. “It’s our future.

Sinclair’s Automotive Technology Program offers two-year associate-level internship programs in partnership with American Honda, Stellantis Automobiles, and General Motors to prepare students for entry-level automotive service technician positions at local dealerships.

Additionally, Sinclair offers a two-year associate’s degree internship program that works with independent stores and other dealerships throughout the region.