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NGen Funding Boosts Automotive Technology Projects in Canada

Developed by BC-based Autometrics Manufacturing Technologies and Macron Metalfab, Inspection 4.0 software monitors the quality of welding operations in real time using advanced machine learning software. (Photo credit: Autometrics Manufacturing Technologies)

Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (Ngen) announced that it will invest $11 million in crowdfunding in three projects in the Canadian automotive sector.

The first is the Canadian High Purity Alumina (HPA) consortium, established by the Mississauga-based company Polar Sapphire Limited; and Quebec Nature Alu inc. and Dynamic design. The HPA Consortium intends to create Canada’s first high quality HPA facility for the production of high purity alumina (aluminum oxide) suitable for electronics applications, specifically lithium-ion battery separators used in electric vehicles.

Additionally, based in British Columbia Autometrics Manufacturing Technologies Inc. and Macron Metalfab Inc. of Delta, British Columbia, will receive funding to pilot an automated inspection system for robotic welding operations. The team’s Inspection 4.0 real-time quality management system uses machine learning software to provide automated monitoring and detection. The pilot project aims to validate and address challenges when deploying the technology on an industrial scale.

Finally, Magna International and based in Toronto Maple Advanced Robotics will receive funding to advance their Autonomous Adaptive Robot System (AARS) which integrates 3D vision technology, software and robotics to allow operators to easily modify the robot’s trajectory and workspace.

“As one of Canada’s largest manufacturing sectors, the automotive industry is an important area of ​​focus for NGen,” said NGen CEO Jayson Myers. “Canada has the innovation capabilities and technical knowledge to develop transformative, flexible and clean technologies, but companies often need support to deploy their innovations and scale up production. This is where NGen can make a difference.

To date, the industry-led nonprofit says it has approved 105 projects with 242 industry partners, investing $181.2 million in Supercluster funding and leveraging $437.5 million in total investment. in the project.