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Nora promises the best prices in the auto industry and endorses brand ambassador Funmi Ayinke

Bennett Oghifo

A Nigerian auto brand assembler, Nord Automobiles Limited, with its assembly plant in Epe, Lagos, has pledged to remain price competitive and offer the best price in the industry.

It comes as the auto firm endorsed Funmi Ayinke, an engineer, shrewd businesswoman and social influencer, as its brand ambassador and presented her with a Nord Tank Pickup.

The presentation of the Nord Tank Pick-up, which was preceded by the signing of a contractual agreement, was recently executed in Lekki, Lagos between the new brand ambassador and the Nord team, led by the CEO of the company , Oluwatobi Ajayi.

According to Ajayi, the purpose of using the vehicle was to ensure that he is always on the road. “So the after-sales of this vehicle is basically our headache, and I would like to take this opportunity to state that we are going to launch a service campaign which is key to the business we do; and that is to satisfy our large clientele.

“We know we are doing a great job and we already have a strong technical team, but the problem is that we have to be much more popular. Because popularity is what drives sales in this industry, and more importantly, we’ve always had the ability,

“Currently we have an assembly plant that can produce five vehicles per day and with more investment we will be able to increase this volume to 25 vehicles per day and in the period when we increase it to two shifts, the capacity of production can reach 50 vehicles per day, so the issue is not capacity, but rather patronage of locally assembled vehicles.

Ajayi said the most important thing was the demand for these vehicles and once this is ensured with the increased volume of locally assembled units, more Nigerians will be employed and this will by extension boost the economy.

“Financially, we have some of the greatest supporters of our business, ranging from financiers to shareholders, to everyone and therefore; we can really meet the market demand. All Nord needed as a car manufacturer was just someone like her to take us there to show Nigerians what they lacked in terms of good product quality.

“At Nord, I believe we have the widest aftermarket network in Nigeria and we can present ourselves as the biggest of all brands. Nord, as customer-centric automotive companies with a strong focus on strong after-sales service delivery, have after-sales service outlets in Lagos, Abuja, Ijebu ode, Abeokuta, Asaba, Port Harcourt, Kaduna and in Abuja, the federal capital, we have two outlets, while only four are located in Lagos,” he said.

Ajayi revealed that before signing the deal with Funmi Ayinke, many people came to the North with brand ambassador offers. “For me, I was looking for someone at that level who would do this for us and for me and I wanted a businessman and someone in business who would be able to really influence people.

“So I think it’s easier for her to influence people because she’s a businesswoman and she works for it. It’s not a question of money. It’s about experience. She has experience in sweating assets. She has many years of experience building assets and turning money into profit.

Ajayi said that all Nord models are solid and dedicated vehicles at the best price. “That was our goal. Over the past few years we have had fantastic relationships with many corporate organizations, schools, police, banks, real estate companies, among others.

“What we are looking for is a partnership, someone who understands business, who can influence companies when they make purchasing decisions. We had trouble finding such a person until fate brings us with Funmi Ayinke and since then she has done an amazing job for us.Business and partnership are going well.

Discussing the type of after-sales service Nord would provide to the brand ambassador during the term of the contract, Ajayi said that “the vehicle comes with an after-sales plan for as long as the contract lasts and each party seems meet expectations. obligation.”

Expressing her joy at her choice as a brand ambassador and the subsequent presentation of a Nord tank pickup truck, Funmi Ayinke said that it is not only the crowd that matters, adding that it is the fundamental mistake that Nigerian influencers make.

“But who is the crowd, who are the followers? I mean, what class do you belong to and I will tell them that FumiAyinke has the class that can afford Nord automobiles and I am proud to be the brand ambassador,” she said.