Automotive industry

OptimumG, the essential binder for the automotive industry and motorsport

Q: You create, you produce and you share your knowledge. Don’t you think you can lose it once you put engineers on teams, sell the software, and share all your knowledge?

CR : “ Knowledge shared is knowledge squared “.
This is my leitmotif. Usually, in motorsport as in the automotive industry, consultants offer a solution but do not explain how or why.

OptimumG is the opposite, we started with seminars, so it has always been important to share the knowledge that comes with the software. It works very well and satisfies our customers.

Of course, there is the risk that a customer will say, “Thank you, but now we have everything we need, and we don’t need you anymore.” However, for 25 years, nine times out of ten, the client calls us back to accompany him when he moves to a new category or discipline. When there is a new challenge, they want us by their side.

OptimumG works on the dynamics of the vehicle between the tire and the body. Of course, it’s impossible to find the perfect car setup if you don’t understand how tires work. Whether for racing cars and their teams, or for car manufacturers, OptimumG helps understand the connections that will validate the best tire settings and characteristics for a team, car manufacturer or driver.

In addition, OptimumG can assist a team or a manufacturer in the design of the suspensions, which again will help to find the best set-up for optimal exploitation. OptimumG also organizes objective tyre/car tests for customers such as Goodyear and Hyundai.