Automotive technology

Qualcomm and Volkswagen join forces on automotive technology

Qualcomm Technologies has entered into a new agreement to supply a system on a chip (SoC) to the software company of the Volkswagen Group (VW) cariadwhose platform is designed to allow assisted and automated driving functions up to level 4.

Qualcomm’s SoCs Snapdragon Ride platform will be an important hardware component of Cariad’s standardized and scalable computing platform, which is intended for VW vehicles from the middle of the decade.

“The connected and automated car of the future is a high-performance computer on wheels. Behind it hides extremely complex computing power,” said the CEO of Cariad. Dirk Hilgenberg. “With our automated driving solutions, we are working to enable customers to take the wheel out of the driver’s seat in the future. Our software and high-performance SoCs from Qualcomm Technologies are perfectly suited to bring this new automotive experience to customers around the world. . ”

Towards an autonomous and sustainable automotive future

Last year, Volkswagen presented its new automotive strategy, aimed at leading the Group towards a future of autonomous and sustainable mobility. In the future, the Group will cover everything from manufacturing and selling vehicles, to producing battery cells and offering energy services, to providing mobility solutions and developing and implementing continuous software update.

With Qualcomm Technologies’ high-performance SoCs, the Group will be able to provide a range of secure and scalable automated driving functions. Cariad will use SoCs from the Snapdragon Ride Platform portfolio, which are perfectly suited to the needs of software developed by Cariad.

“We look forward to helping Cariad and its suppliers deliver scalable and safe automated driving capabilities for Volkswagen Group vehicles through their selection of our open and programmable Snapdragon Ride platforms,” said Nakul Duggalsenior vice president & GM, automotive, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and reliable automated driving experiences for everyone.