Automotive industry

Reliably meet the needs of the automotive industry

Reliably meet the needs of the automotive industry
July 21, 2022

As automotive suppliers around the world face an evolving array of issues and challenges, Growermetal is able to support its customers with a wide variety of safety washers and stamped parts, which provide the best solutions for customers at the search for quality, flexibility and precision. .

In recent years, the automotive industry has been called upon to face many challenges, from technical and environmental implications to the consequences linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, as well as the impact of the Ukrainian crisis.

As the dynamic market brings relevant change in commercial manufacturing, global companies like Growermetal are responding with solid efficiency, technical know-how and a natural inclination for innovation – to confirm its good position in the market and to once again establish its reliability for every customer and partner looking for the best fastening solutions.

The Italian company has always been highly specialized in the production of safety washers and stamped parts, shaping a new definition of safety since its origin in 1950. Since then, Growermetal has been run by the Cattaneo family, the company inheriting from the same vision of founder Virginio Cattaneo – to provide an extensive product portfolio suitable for a wide variety of applications, with 100% Growermetal quality.

“Today, after more than seventy years of history and innovation goals, that goal continues to be the company’s core strength, with its products being used in a variety of different applications – supported by a delivery and distribution service that covers Europe and the world markets”, explains Paolo Cattaneo, CEO of Growermetal.

Certified solutions and treatments

Within the automotive industry in particular, the company has developed a high level of specialization, achieving many important goals using its management system certified to IATF 16949 – a technical requirement for the automotive sector which has helped Growermetal to align with development and manufacturing demands. products for automotive applications.

Another key element of Growermetal’s capabilities is represented by its internal treatments, with a modern plant where mechanical zinc plating is carried out. The main objective of this coating is to provide an anti-corrosive layer free from the risks of hydrogen embrittlement, with unequaled performance in terms of quality and resistance. From this point of view, the search for the best solutions has led to the approval of the mechanical galvanizing process according to the FCA PS.50042 automotive standard – Edition 11/2015. Just another development that allows the company to stand out as a single dish in the European, Middle East and African (EMEA) markets.

“All of this recognition, along with the ability to provide skill, experience, precision and consistency in every project or aspect of production (from one-off design to delivery service), has helped that Growermetal will set a whole new standard in the automotive industry,” emphasizes Paolo.

A final aspect that helps Growermetal stand out as a state-of-the-art fastening system is its ability to work with customers on specific requests. “Being able to work alongside customers and develop innovative solutions is what really makes the difference at Growermetal,” says Paolo proudly. “Our production includes a constantly evolving range of washers, with the possibility of manufacturing special parts according to the customer’s drawing – thanks to an R&D team of highly qualified technicians.”

Discover the complete range for automotive applications

Growermetal will show its authority as an automotive industry supplier to IZB, the Europe’s leading trade fair for suppliers to the automotive industry, taking place in Wolfsburg, Germany from 11e – 13e October 2022. At the show, the company will showcase its wide range of fastener solutions and products to all customers and visitors, including some of its flagship washers and parts, including:

  • Captive flat washers for screws and nuts: As the most common type of washers, round flat washers are a versatile option for wider uses. Located under the bolt head or under a nut to provide a greater bearing surface, they prevent surface damage and undercutting of nuts and bolts – at the same time providing a consistent surface for more predictable joints.
  • Ribbed flat washers: Flat washers with radial ribs and serrated on one or both surfaces are used in the automotive industry in the presence of soft bearing surfaces such as aluminum and plastic. Ribbed flat washers are then suitable for bolted joints in applications such as bodywork, engine, gearbox and other components, the teeth locking the washer to the bearing surface during tightening and preventing the screw from l ’cause damage.
  • Conical spring washers for screws and nuts: Through the combination of elastic compensation of expansion and contraction with the elimination of backlash, conical spring washers are able to prevent the loosening of assemblies. Designed to accommodate static loads, these products are ideal for applications requiring low vibration resistance and parts withstanding temperature variations.
  • Eccentric washers: In the automotive industry, eccentric or cam washers are used in car and light truck suspension systems. The hex washer is mounted and locked on the lower part of the bolt, while the counter washer is mounted in the two grooves of the threaded part of the bolt by the OEM during the car assembly process.
  • Crown lock washers for shaft: Featuring great ease of use and affordability, Shaft Crown Lock Washers are ideal for the many applications where it is necessary to position and securely hold a bolt or screw until a nut be applied later to complete the assembly. When a nut is applied and tightened, the teeth on the retainer create a spacer action that resists any loosening or recoil rotation.
  • Wavy spring washers: Providing light to moderate spring forces, these products are designed to compensate for end play and misalignment in an assembly and to reduce the risk of disassembly. Growermetal’s selection of wave spring washers is subdivided into two different product types, depending on material and type of application. In detail, wave spring washers are ideal for soft materials like copper, aluminum and plastic, while damping wave spring washers compensate for axial play in a component.
  • Cup washers and washers with special geometries: Growermetal cup washers and special geometry washers are special products designed and manufactured according to technical specifications and customer drawing. Cup washers are normally pre-assembled to the nuts before they are used by the car manufacturer.

The Ultimate Washing Solutions

In addition to the wide portfolio of standard products, Growermetal has invested in its R&D department, in order to develop and design state-of-the-art fastening systems. The ultimate products developed by the company’s experts include special cut and bent parts, high thickness and precision flat washers, molded EPDM and plastic parts and parts with bonded EPDM inserts.

Special shape cut and bent parts

Thanks to its internal process and our experienced technicians, Growermetal designs, manufactures and designs cut and bent parts, according to customer specifications and drawing. This allows maximum customization of each piece produced, creating the most suitable cut and bent pieces.

High thickness and precision flat washers

Among the latest products introduced in the family of Growermetal washers, there are high thickness and precision flat washers – special products designed and manufactured by the company according to the technical specifications and the customer’s drawing, to guarantee the best performance. for different applications. These items are particularly suitable and widely used in the automotive industry and represent the most recent example of Growermetal’s research.

Projects of EPDM molded parts and parts with glued EPDM inserts

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a popular elastomer that provides superior resistance to extreme outdoor conditions. Thanks to a composition developed with a sulfur or peroxide curing system, EPDM compounds exhibit high resistance at high temperatures and improved compression performance. Due to these features and advantages, the company develops and designs casting projects where the washer and the EPDM part are co-stamped. In order to complete this new range of products, Growermetal can also manufacture with, when possible, EPDM inserts glued to the metal part. The bonding of the EPDM inserts is done entirely in-house, using the latest cutting-edge robotic engineering technology.

“Precision, consistency, flexibility are the main values ​​of the range of automotive windscreen washers, which are the true expression of the company’s objective to meet the current and future needs of the industry – meeting the expectations of manufacturers. cars”, concludes Paolo. “It’s about continuous evolution guided by experience and driven by innovation, shaped to meet any challenge.”