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Revealed: Emerging Auto Industry Investment Themes to Watch in 2022

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Connectivity, data analytics and fintech have been the fastest emerging investment themes in the automotive industry this year, according to trend analysis across three pillars of key investment activity.

We’ve selected the top 30 driving forces for recruitment, negotiation and innovation (through patent filings) across 23 industries in 2021 and measured how far they’ve risen in the rankings year-on-year. former. The results reveal which forces have the most momentum through 2022 and could therefore emerge as critically important influencers.

Connectivity has seen the strongest momentum when it comes to hiring patterns in the automotive industry, climbing 12 spots to rank ninth this year. This means that there were 354 connectivity positions in demand for every 10,000 job openings in the sector in 2021, a significant increase.

Social media was the second fastest hiring topic (up 12 places in the rankings), while data security came in third (up 11 places in the rankings).

Themes, as referenced throughout this article, are defined by GlobalData, from which our data is pulled, such as any issue that keeps a CEO up at night. Companies that fail to identify the important themes of their industry risk being unprepared for their future and ultimately failing. GlobalData scores millions of data points with these themes daily in its proprietary databases, allowing their momentum to be tracked over time.

Our analysis revealed that the fastest rising themes tended to differ depending on the investment metric analyzed. ESG-related themes, such as ethics and governance, figured largely as emerging forces in recruitment, while disruptive technology-related themes tended to be most prominent in mergers, acquisitions and other transaction-based investments.

For example, machine learning was one of the top five emerging themes for investments in seven of the 23 industries we analyzed, with big data, autonomous vehicles and the internet of things each appearing in five.

Transactions where data analytics played a role saw the highest ranking increase among automotive manufacturing and supply companies included in the analysis, rising 31 places this year compared to last year. Machine learning was the second fastest emerging trading theme (up 21 places in the rankings), while de-dieselization came third (up 18 places in the rankings).

The final pillar of investment analyzed was patent filings, with the themes emerging here unsurprisingly tending to be at the forefront of each industry. This resulted in less overlap between industries, but note that renewable energy research was present for six of the 23.

Fintech-related patent filings had the most momentum in the automotive industry, ranking 25th in 2021. This is a nine-place ranking increase this year from a year earlier. last. Autonomous vehicles were the second fastest emerging innovation theme (up five places), while machine learning came in third (up four places).

It is important to note that all of the themes in this article are emerging themes that are worth watching in the future. They won’t all necessarily reach the top of the thematic charts (some will almost certainly die out next year) but they have the potential to do so in the years to come.

Last week, the GlobalData Theme Team produced their annual report predicting the top themes for 2022 across the technology, media and telecommunications sectors, with their top picks including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, metaverse and augmented reality.

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