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Supporting the low-carbon development of the automotive industry, GWM opens more than 1,000 new energy vehicle patents

BAODING, China, June 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, data released by AutoPat, the global automobile patent big data platform, shows that GWM opened more than 1,000 new energy vehicle technology patents last year.

JThis year, GWM opened 1,301 new energy vehicle patents and authorized 914 patents, ranking first among vehicle enterprises in the Chinese market.

According to a report also published by this website, with GWM in the lead, the number of patents opened to the market by Chinese finished vehicle enterprises has increased rapidly, which has caught up with or overtaken foreign-funded vehicle enterprises in the Chinese market. .

For many years, GWM has continuously increased its investment in the research and development of new energy vehicles and established various development paths by launching hybrid and pure electric vehicles.

To accelerate the iteration and upgrade of new energy products, GWM has developed LEMON DHT technology. It is a highly integrated gasoline-electric hybrid system that applies to models with PHEV or HEV power architectures. Models of both architectures can deliver a longer, more powerful and more comfortable driving experience to consumers.

WEY Coffee 01, which adopts PHEV architecture, is equipped with high energy density power battery pack, with relatively longer pure electric range. In daily use, this configuration could reduce the number of charges and help users feel maximum freedom from frequent charging problems. This car can also automatically switch to mode with combined fuel and electric power output to allow drivers to accelerate with enough power for overtaking when driving at high speeds.

In order to meet the demands of various global buyers for more economical and environmentally friendly driving, GWM launched HAVAL JOLION HEV and HAVAL H6 HEV in the Thai market. Supported by the LEMON DHT, both models can meet the needs of low fuel consumption in different road conditions. when drivers encounter traffic jams during rush hour, the system can switch to electric power to minimize fuel consumption.

GWM also makes various technological achievements in the field of pure electronic vehicles, such as electric drives and electric controls. Among them, L-type long battery cells have been successfully applied to various ORA brand models in China market.

Now, GWM adheres to the concept of “excessive investment and precise R&D”. According to GWM’s 2022 financial report, GWM has invested 9.07 billion yuan in new energy and smart technology R&D last year.

To achieve the goal of global carbon neutrality, GWM will continue to expand the provision of new energy products in the future. The company plans to launch dozens of new energy vehicles in the coming years to provide a greener and smarter driving experience for customers around the world.