Automotive industry

Taking on the automotive industry first, Certivity’s regtech solution attracts €1.4m in round led by Earlybird UNI-X

Munich-based regulatory tech startup Certivity has raised €1.4 million in a funding round led by Earlybird UNI-X. The new legislature will be used to continue the development of the SaaS product as well as to increase the size of the team.

Keeping products up-to-date, on time and on budget and adhering to strict government and industry guidelines can be quite a challenge. And that’s in a world where the rules and regulations haven’t really changed much in so many years.

But if you talk about Munich and regulation, there is one industry that immediately comes to mind, and it is this vertical that Certivity first addresses: automotive.

With the automotive industry’s tectonic plates shifting, Certivity helps automakers ensure that their automated and autonomous driving and electric vehicle developments not only hit the bar, but meet it the first time, on time. and within budget.

“After identifying the huge problem that Certivity is tackling, it was clear to me that a solution like this would dramatically improve the engineering processes of multiple industries and that the integration of such software would certainly become a must-have in the years to come,” says Natalia Ahmadian of the Earlybird UNI-X investment team.

In addition to Earlybird UNI-X leadership, Certivity has also seen participation from High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) as well as a number of undisclosed angel investors.

Regarding the investment, Kilian von Berlichingen of HTGF said: “Certivity has developed incredibly powerful software which has already won over various players in the automotive industry. We are very confident that the founding team is the right ones to tackle this regulatory issue, which has become one of the biggest challenges for OEMs and their suppliers.