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The Turkish automotive industry is the backbone of the European automotive industry

Hamburg, Germany, December 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Turkey has become one of the most important manufacturers and suppliers to European car manufacturers in recent years. Thanks to the knowledge it holds, as well as its young and qualified workforce, the Turkish automotive and supplier industry has become the most important production and supply center for many international manufacturers. , specifically Germany and France.

In 2020, Ford Otosan produced 455,000 vehicles, Oyak-Renault 378,000 and Mercedes-Benz 19,450 vehicles, in Turkey. Exports of the Turkish automotive industry to EU countries reached a total of 17 billion US dollars between January and November 2021. During the same period, exports of the automotive supply industry to EU countries amounted to US$6.4 billion.

President of Taysad Albert Saydam noted, “Turkey has become one of the main production centers in the world with its nearly 500,000 employees, more than 1,000 companies and 31 industrial zones specializing in the automotive sector. At the same time, due to its geographical location and its potential, it is an important and united country for the countries of the European Union such as France and Germany stay in first place under competitive conditions in the international market”.

Human resources and innovation power

In the transformation process experienced with the transition to electromobility and autonomous vehicles, the Turkish automotive sector has proven that it can actively contribute to changing the sector through innovative technology. High productivity and profitability, as well as the presence of a dynamic domestic market and the possibility of accessing many important markets through Turkey are considered among the most significant factors in the preference of international manufacturers in Turkey. In the research conducted among the leaders of the German automotive industry, in addition to the innovative power of the Turkish automotive industry, the qualifications of its employees are also considered an important factor.

Baran Çelik, President of the OIB: “The characteristics of our country, such as the proximity of Europe, with qualified human resources and extensive production and export experience, show that we can turn these developments into opportunities. According to figures announced in the previous days, the Turkish economy grew by 7.4% in the third quarter of the year, beating expectations. This shows that our economy is strong and vibrant despite the pandemic conditions. »

Innovative and promising industry

About 25% of employees in the Turkish automotive industry have at least a bachelor’s degree. Due to the youthful population, many skilled workers in the industry are at the forefront of new technological developments. For example, many start-ups are created and developed in Turkey. the October 2020 The report by Endeavor Global, which provides consulting services to entrepreneurs and aims to create an international network by including entrepreneurial companies in its network, draws attention to the fact that Turkish start-ups are very dynamic and successful.

The automotive supply industry has more than 130 research and development centers accredited by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Republic of Turkey, where new products and production processes are developed. There are 190 accredited R&D and design centers in Turkeywhere automotive manufacturers and suppliers develop innovative products and production processes.

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