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UK boosts low-carbon car tech with £43m

The UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has announced joint industry and government funding of £43.7 million ($53.5 million) to support the development of the latest green automotive technology, including electric motorcycles and off-road vehicles.

Electric motorcycles and a 4×4 off-road electric delivery truck designed for emerging markets are among the projects receiving funding.

The goal is to help develop the latest green automotive technologies while seizing the economic opportunities of the global transition to cleaner transportation.

The two projects that received funding include:

  • Norton Zero Emissions ProjectSolihull, West Midlands – £17.2m ($21m)
    The project aims to develop an electric motorcycle that offers a high level of performance in racing and a touring range to improve workforce capabilities, secure local jobs and help strengthen the Kingdom’s competitive supply chain. -United.
  • OX book CLEAN (Clean Logistics for Emerging African Nations), Leamington Spa, Warwickshire – £17.1m ($20.9m)
    OX Delivers CLEAN will develop an all-terrain electric delivery truck designed for emerging markets, to be manufactured in the UK, which can withstand harsh off-road conditions using long-life batteries at lower cost.

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The projects are expected to secure more than 550 jobs and save 27.6 million tonnes of CO2, equivalent to removing the lifetime emissions of 1.1 million cars from the roads.

Both projects were funded by the Advanced propulsion center (APC) Collaborative Research and Development Competition, which supports the development of innovative low-carbon automotive technologies and will help propel the UK into the global race to secure electric vehicle supply chains.

Feasibility studies will further be supported by £9.4m ($11.5m) in government and industry matching funds through the Automotive Transformation Fund (ATF). Areas to be investigated include the development of electric vehicle (EV) battery components and the viability of using critical minerals sourced from the UK.

In addition to these two projects, 19 early-stage proposals that could strengthen the UK electric vehicle supply chain have also received funding to research, prove or build the case for scaling them up, with the potential to create new jobs in the country.

To see the complete list of these projects and their descriptions.