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Use of Senix ultrasonic sensors in the automotive industry

With their new wheelchair accessible RV camper, BraunAbility and Winnebago have opened up RV camping to a wider audience.

Traditionally, recreational vehicles – especially wheelchair accessible recreational vehicles – have been expensive, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and big, making them inaccessible to the majority of campers.

Winnebago’s new RV, The Roam, is specially designed for accessibility. Based on the Ram ProMaster van, the Roam is a smaller Class B RV. The new motorhome has enough space for wheelchair users to get around inside while being considerably more affordable.

Image Credit: Senix Corporation

Winnebago worked with accessibility advocates, like BraunAbility, to design The Roam’s interior, using universal design as a guiding principle when developing the design.

The 2021 Ram ProMaster serves as the base for The Roam, measuring just under 20 feet long. Winnebago has provided enough floor space to accommodate a wheelchair and essential accessible items, such as the BraunAbility wheelchair lift under the sliding side door.

The Roam includes standard wheelchair tethers, an under-vehicle wheelchair lift, power sofa bed, toilet and shower with handles, system controls and accessible lights.

The Roam can accommodate up to five people and sleep up to four with an optional sunroof that can accommodate two more. Additional options include your own choice of color and a TV. If required, the manual steering controls can be installed by a third party.

Once again, BraunAbility has selected Senix sensors for this new affordable wheelchair accessible RV.

We plan to use the sensor above the sliding door to detect obstructions in the threshold area as part of FMVSS 403 compliance.

Mike Anderson, Senior Product Manager

In the ceiling area, a ultrasonic detection device allows full use of the vehicle’s floor space.

Senix ultrasonic sensors and their use in accessibility in the automotive industry

Image Credit: Senix Corporation

If an object is detected in a selected area of ​​the RV, the Senix ultrasound will activate visual and audible warnings. These warnings alert people who may not know that the wheelchair lift is not level with the vehicle or that the vehicle door was open. To prevent injury, this system is designed to prevent accidental exits from the vehicle.

The Senix sensor’s profile and wider beam angle allowed engineers to cover a large area inside the motorhome – larger than any other sensor available on the market.

Wide beam technology sensors, such as high performance sensors ToughSonic Senix ultrasonic level and distance sensors, can be custom configured using SenixSEE Software. This allows many user-configurable parameters to be defined.

BraunAbility sensors can be easily calibrated using SenixSEE software, allowing various on-board applications.

Senix's wider beam ultrasonic sensors combined with numerous user-configurable sensor parameters provide a perfect solution for BraunAbility's object detection application and detect objects in the area shown above

Senix’s wider beam ultrasonic sensors, combined with numerous user-configurable sensor parameters, provide a perfect solution for BraunAbility’s object detection application and detect objects in the area shown above. Image Credit: Senix Corporation

The new Ram ProMaster Winnebago Roam has many features. While it’s more affordable and smaller than other large, expensive RVs, it’s still bigger than a regular passenger van.

Senix ultrasound technology is exceptionally well suited as an object detection or proximity sensor, providing greater design flexibility for BraunAbility. The sensor can be easily calibrated using SenixVIEW software, facilitating various on-board applications.

Senix’s high standards for rugged, long-lasting quality sensors also match BraunAbility’s reputation for customer satisfaction and high quality. Senix is ​​delighted to collaborate with BraunAbility and Winnebago, contributing to the success of Winnebago and the new Ram ProMaster Winnebago Roam.

Senix ultrasonic sensors and their use in accessibility in the automotive industry

Image Credit: Senix Corporation

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